Máy sấy hạt nhựa matsui

Energy-saving thermal fin technology

Thermal fins efficiently dry resin using up to 50% less energy than a hot-air dryer.

Fast material changes.

The hinged hopper and easy-to-remove heating fins makes it quick work to clean and change material, helping you maximize production.

Programming made simple.

An easy-to-use touchpad simplifies programming, enabling you to preset operations, monitor settings, view progress and make changes effortlessly.


Quickly move the PMD to another machine. The smaller unit is only 13"w ×11"d× 22"h and weights only 33 lbs. The larger unit is just 13”w x 11”d x 29”h and weights just 44 lbs. Its a lot of dryer in a very compact little package.

Listcode: dòng HD2 và dòng DMZ2, máy sấy hạt nhựa matsui

HD2-10 DMZ2-40A
HD2-15 DMZ2-80A
HD2-25 DMZ2-170A
HD2-50 DMZ2-120A
HD2-75 DMZ2-240A
HD2-100 HD-10
HD2-150 HD-15
HD2-200 HD-25
HD2-250 HD-50
HD2-300 HD75




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